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I don't ...Have Time, My Lord (HTML)

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What the hell is e-✉️? Or 🐌-✉️?

"I want Queen Latifah as an author's assistant." - Erik 2k17

"I love stories about people who find their true calling." "The thing I procrastinate on more than anything else: activating a new debit card."
"Got my first "ma'am" today. I guess I really am getting old." "I cracked open an egg today with two yokes."

On a grimy morning of October 9, 2017 ...a composed red-haired man magically appeared in a quiet classroom - wearing the world's shiniest shoes, the milkiest dress shirt, and slacks in apple-pie order.

I, on the other hand, looked disgusting. Everyone else was fine and---

---anyway, this self-possessed man we were completely unfamiliar with (and by we, I mean me and my so-so class) spoke so much about himself.

So much that our eyes were bulging out of our heads.

It was a nice feeling
as if we were in a dimension
as if we were Living and Working in a Virtual World.

This man is not just any ordinary, simple man. He was memorable than most and he may still be now.
He is Erik Hanber…